My Puppy Club Online

Your support in raising a happy, confident puppy!

What is it? 

A high value, low-cost subscription to a fantastic community of puppy owners, with weekly classes and so much more!

Online Learning Portal

With an online learning portal with extra materials included, recordings of previous live sessions, and some mini classes on basic training to be added soon - you can choose how much you use!

Live Video calls weekly

Each live call is about an hour long and runs at 7pm on Tuesdays
All included in the price of the subscription!!

All live calls are recorded so if you miss it you can still catch up!

rearing confident, happy puppies

We focus on early puppy basics: sleeping and settling, nipping, house training, socialising, 'rearing and teaching' as well as some early training skills.

Community group

There will be more going on in the community group between sessions.
You can ask questions, post pictures, chat as a community.
Questions will be answered in the group if possible, or we may opt to address them in the next call.

No age limit, cancel anytime

You choose when you cancel your subscription. We'll focus on pups upto 5-6 months of age, but you're more than welcome to stay for as long as it's helpful!

no limit on your location

Being totally online, we would like to welcome people from all over the country - even the world!
So share to your friends living further afield. You can even retain your membership whilst taking other classes elsewhere if you want!

As a My Puppy Club member, you'll even get 10% off the price of the Early Days Puppy Session or even other 1-1 sessions for the duration of your membership.
If you opt to join/book onto Primary School within a month of the last time you paid your subscription, you'll get 10% off!

Is My Puppy Club for me?

My Puppy Club is ideal for you if... 

  • You have a new puppy or are expecting one 
  •  You'd like to meet with other puppy owners 
  • You may miss some sessions - recordings are available  
  • You can't get out easily to a physical class because of lack of childcare, transport etc.
  • You want something alongside a physical class  
  • You can't afford a 1-1 and are happy with a group setting  
  • You want ongoing support with raising your puppy at a low cost (currently approx. £2.50 a week!!)  
  • You want to be able to go through training materials at your own pace 
  •  You've had an Early Days 1-1 and want continued support (you don't have to have had the Early Days 1-1 to qualify for My Puppy Club)

And it's only £10 a month if you subscribe before May 2021!

"We couldn't recommend this puppy club enough. The advice we have received has been great at giving our puppy the best start to his training. We had no specific behavioural issues but wanted to make sure we were doing the best thing for our puppy. This is a relaxed environment and not judgemental, we could ask Lottie anything no matter how small and get great advice."

Laura and Simon
Red, the Hungarian Vizsla x Labrador

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Subscription Pricing

  • Puppy Club Subscription
  • £15

    per month Sign up!

Pricing will be increasing to £15 from May, but if you subscribe before that at £10, it remains £10 for as long as you're a member!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum age for joining Puppy Club - in fact, you can join to prepare for your puppy's arrival before you've even brought your puppy home!
I recommend My Puppy Club for puppies upto 6 months of age, however, you can cancel at any time and some people choose to stay on longer. 

Online works great! We use Zoom for the live sessions and you'll find supporting material and previous recorded sessions in the online course area.
My Puppy Club is much more about helping you, as your puppy's guardian, to raise them to be happy, confident and healthy dogs with just a little bit of 'training' added in (the stuff we know is important to learn early).
Some people have their puppies on camera, others may leave them in bed or even in another room - it can work either way! 

Honestly, I prefer to be able to see everyone (and your puppies when possible!) but if you don't like to be on camera, you can turn it off and we can still hear you when you speak to me/the group - we just won't see your face.
Alternatively, you can leave your camera on but point it at your puppy so we can get our puppy fix and you don't need to be seen!